Sunday, 28 October 2018

October / November

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We have had a busy two months!
During October we explored various forms of poetry and persuasive writing and finished off our number sense units (place value and adding and subtracting large numbers).

In November we will be working on the following curriculum expectations:

Math : I have included summaries of the Units we will be covering from our Math Up program.
The summaries contain examples and definitions of what we will be learning in class.

Number sense :

(up to 9 x 9, and 81 divided by 9)

Data Management :

Measurement : 

Comprehension strategies : visualizing, summarizing
Text Forms : adventure stories, travel journals, information reports, photo essays
Text Structure : sequence,
Text Features : maps, table of contents, bold features

Style : persuasive and paragraphs (Oct), letter writing (Nov)
Parts of speech : conjunctions
Figurative speech : hyperbole
Grammar : capitalization, dialogue.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions,
Mrs. Kim Fisher

Monday, 17 September 2018

September Curriculum

We have had a great start to the year and have spent some time getting to know one another!

This week we will begin Reading Logs and On-line Math Homework.

Reading Logs :  

Your child will chose a book in class or at home to read.  Write down each night how many pages you have read and the title of the book (if it is a chapter book you could write number of pages or the chapter).  Reading Logs may be kept at home until you are finished the page. Then return the Duotang to show me and they can choose a prize or preferred activity.

Study Ladder : On-line Math homework is available now - login information is pasted onto first page of your child's agenda.  Please copy down at home as well in case they lose their agenda. The tasks I set are either a review of concepts or linked to what we are learning in class.  Study Ladder   From time to time it may also include some language homework (grammar, reading comprehension).  Work at your own pace and when time allows for your family commitments. Later in the year I will sign the class up for Prodigy which is a popular online math site.

Math Up : We are also using a new program for Math this year called "Math Up". I will link activities we are doing in class to the blog as well.

Check out this activity on growing patterns. Click on the Link below:

Curriculum for September / first week of October :

Math :  
Number Sense :
represent, order and compare whole numbers to 10 000, demonstrate an understanding of place value, represent numbers to 10 000 in words, round four digit whole numbers to nearest thousands, hundreds, tens.  Solve problems using addition and subtraction of whole numbers using rounding as a strategy. Eg. I can add 4339 + 2997 by making it 4000 + 3000. Review of multiplication skills and strategies.

Patterning :
  • create number patterns involving addition, subtraction, or multiplication from a written pattern rule
  • connect each term in a growing or shrinking pattern with its term number (e.g create a shrinking pattern where the 5th term is 8)
  • make predictions, extend, describe and create repeating, growing and shrinking patterns.

Language : Oral : Listening to Understand
Reading : Comprehension Strategies : Making Connections and Main Idea
                Text forms : poems, short stories
                Text structures : narratives
                Text features : glossary, index
Writing : Trait : Ideas and Organization
              Style : Poetry and Paragraphs
              Parts of Speech : noun, adjective
              Grammar : exclamation mark, verb tense

Have a great week and enjoy our "summer" weather!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Welcome to Grade 4

Welcome to Grade 4!  

I am excited to be your child's English and Math teacher in the afternoon.  

This blog will serve as an area to go to for information about the curriculum we will be working on and class related news.  
The blog is also linked to my twitter account @MrsFisher_ocsb where I will often post pictures demonstrating our learning.  

For reminders regarding school events, please check your child's agenda or the school website/newsletter for that information.  

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  The best time to reach me by phone would be in the morning or via a note in the agenda.  

Looking forward to a great year together!
Mrs. Kim Fisher